What Dallas housewife is getting divorced?

According to reports, a housewife will undergo divorce proceedings in the fifth season. Therefore, fans also asked the friend of the show if she knew which one. While Deuber isn’t sure, she confirmed it’s neither Kary Brittingham nor Kameron Westcott.

Which OC housewife is getting a divorce?

The husband of The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney has filed for divorce, alleging she cheated on him and is verbally abusive, court documents filed Thursday reveal.

Are Kary and Eduardo still together?

Kary Brittingham and Eduardo

Kary Brittingham and her husband Eduardo have been married for nearly 10 years. According to her Bravo bio, she and Eduardo are both on their second marriage and share one daughter together. She also has three children from her previous marriage.

Is Brandi Rhod still married?

RHOD star Brandi Redmond married her high school sweetheart

“And we’re still together!” Brandi’s husband, Bryan, is the Founding Principal and CIO of Suntex Marinas, a luxury real estate developer for marinas.

Are Cary and Brandi still friends?

Cary Deuber Explains Why She’s No Longer Friends With Brandi Redmond And Stephanie Hollman! … “There’s not really tea,” Cary said. “She was like my friend and then dumped me cause I’m not important anymore.” She added, “She can’t manipulate me anymore.

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Are Erika and Tom Girardi getting divorced?

3, 2020, after 22 years of marriage, Erika, 49, filed for divorce from Tom, 81. In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, Erika said, “After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi. … “After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi.

Why did Jim and Alexis get divorced?

Alexis and Jim Bellino

According to the court documents obtained by Us Weekly, he filed for divorce in June 2018 and cited irreconcilable differences.

Was Leanne fired from Rhod?

Frontline worker Tiffany Moon took over for LeeAnne Locken, who announced she was stepping down from the franchise in February. While Locken said the departure was a personal decision, others have speculated she left RHOD because of her controversial and racist remarks about castmember Kary Brittingham.

What happened to Leanne’s husbands eye?

Rich suffered several injuries while on duty, including being shot at and stabbed in the hand. LeeAnne has admitted that she would sit at home and wonder if he was alive sometimes. In 2016, he had to retire from his role as a police officer after getting an injury in his right eye, which left him permanently blind.

Why did Tiffany leave Real Housewives of Dallas?

Locken, who left the series in 2020 under murky circumstances, went on to blame the drama that developed among castmates for her pal’s early departure. “I think [Hendra] never got to be herself,” Locken explained.

Who is Stephanie Hollman’s husband?

Travis Hollman

Why does LeeAnne husband wear an eyepatch?

“The guy who shot someone out of self-defense, or the guy who wasn’t able to save a kid, or prevent a deadly accident … it’s lonely being that guy, and sometimes as a cop, that’s where you end up.” Rich retired from law enforcement in 2017 after an eye injury left him permanently blind in his right eye — which explains …

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How did rich lose his eye?

For 30 years, the father of one served with the Dallas Police Department, spending 17 of those years as a member of the Dallas SWAT team. In 2016, Rich was forced to retire from the police force after sustaining an injury to his right eye that left him permanently blind. …

Was Cary fired from Rhod?

The always honest Cary was replaced in season 4 by her own friend Kary Brittingham. Fans asked her all sorts of questions and she answered them truthfully, but it got awkward when she was asked about what she thought about LeeAnne exiting the show. The nurse straight up said, “Yeah, LeeAnne’s off RHOD.

Are Cary and Mark Deuber still married?

The housewife opened up to her costars about how their romance started in the workplace while he was married to another woman. Mark was a plastic surgeon with Cary acting as his nurse. Fans will recall that she was his operating assistant and a registered nurse. The couple wed not long after his divorce was finalized.

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