Will County divorce fees?

There are five forms which must be fully completed by both parties before the judge will grant a joint simplified dissolution of marriage. The total filing fee is $603.00, cash or money order accepted ($364.00 to file the “Petition” +$239.00 to file the “Appearance”).

How do I file for divorce in Will County?

You can file for a divorce in the county that either you or the other party resides in. If filing in Will County, you would file the petition for dissolution of marriage with the clerk of court.

Will County civil process fees?

If more than one service is needed, the full fee will be added for each additional individual to be served.

Fee Schedule.

Town Will
Civil Process 83.00
Civil Warrant 146.00
Judgment Execution 225.00
Replevin / Mech Lien 173.00

Will County divorces?

The first step in divorce proceedings is filing a Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage in Will County, Illinois. This is asking the court to hear the issue of your divorce and requests that the marriage be ended. Next, your spouse must be notified of the divorce proceedings against him/her.

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How much does Will County pay for jury duty?

Jurors will be paid $10.00 per day plus mileage. Payment is mailed to your home ten to fourteen working days after the completion of your jury service.

How much does divorce cost Illinois?

On average, the cost to divorce in Illinois is $13,800.

Include child custody and support, alimony, and property division into the mix, and financing a divorce sharply climbs to an average of $35,300.

Will County judges?


  • Vincent Cornelius.
  • David Garcia.
  • Susan T. O’Leary.
  • Richard C. Schoenstedt (Chief Judge)

Will County eviction?

In Will county, unless special circumstances warrant a longer amount of time, a judge will usually give tenants a two week stay of execution. … After the stay of execution is up, a landlord has to file the order of possession with the Sheriff. In Will county, the Sheriff will then schedule a date to conduct the eviction.

Will county recording fees?

Online Copy Fees
View Data FREE
View/Print Full Documents with Tapestry $5.95 Per Search Print Fee $2.00 Per Document
View/Print Full Documents with Laredo Monthy Minute Plans Print Fee $.25 Per Page
Laredo Monthly Minute Plans Print Fee $.25 Per Page $.25/Min Overage $.23/Min Overage $.18/Min Overage $.15/Min Overage

Will County Illinois Circuit Clerk?

The Will County Circuit Court Clerk – Andrea Lynn Chasteen > Home.

Will County property taxes?

In-depth Will County, IL Property Tax Information

Real property in Will County is assessed at 33.33% of market value. Exemptions are available in Will County, which may lower the property’s tax bill. These are deducted from the property’s assessed value to give the property’s taxable value.

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Will County courtroom assignments?

Court Assignments

Call Courtroom Judge
Probate WCCH Room 1001 J. Jeffrey Allen
Civil-Abitration Annex Room 117 Bobbi N. Petrungaro
Family/Dissolution WCCH Room 703 Victoria M. Kennison
Family/Dissolution WCCH Room 702 David Garcia

Will County Assistant State’s Attorney?

Peter J. Wilkes – Assistant State’s Attorney – Will County State’s Attorney’s Office | LinkedIn.

Will County grand jury?

As a grand juror you will act as an officer of the Court, together with the lawyers and judges. Only a small percentage of citizens are ever privileged to serve as grand jurors. … Grand jurors are paid an amount per day set by state law or determined by the county board.

Can you wear jeans to jury duty in Illinois?

There is no formal dress code, but jurors should observe courtroom decorum and dress as they would for an office job. Casual clothing such as t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and sandals is not appropriate for the courtroom.

Are cell phones allowed in Will County Courthouse?

Are there rules about what I can bring into the Courthouse? The Twelfth Judicial District does not allow recording devices, including cameras and ANY cellular phone which has a camera, into any judicial facilities.

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