Your question: Where do I file a divorce petition in Harris County?

For most spouses in Houston, TX the place to file your divorce will be with the Harris County District Clerk’s office. If you reside in a suburb of Houston you may need to file with the Montgomery, Matagorda, Galveston, Waller, etc. district clerk.

How do I file for divorce in Harris County Texas?

A person must be a domiciliary in Texas for at least six (6) months to file for divorce in Texas. Additionally, a person must reside in Harris County, Texas for at least 90 days prior to filing their divorce petition in Harris County. Both parties do not have to meet these requirements.

How do I file for divorce in Houston Texas?

Basic steps to filing a divorce in Texas

  1. Filing the petition. One of the parties must first file a petition with the court called the “Original Petition for Divorce” (along with paying the requisite court fee). …
  2. Legal notice. …
  3. The hearing. …
  4. The final decree. …
  5. The assistance of a family law attorney.
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How do I Efile my divorce in Texas?

Steps for e-filing a Texas divorce include:

  1. Meeting the filing requirements. …
  2. Knowing how to locate your spouse. …
  3. Preparing your divorce petition. …
  4. Agreeing upon the major issues. …
  5. Making copies of the petition. …
  6. Going to the Texas government site. …
  7. Registering for the e-filing service. …
  8. Naming the parties.

How do I Efile in Harris County?

To e-file through the State of Texas’ electronic portal, you must first select an electronic filing service provider (EFSP). To view a list of electronic filing providers (EFSP) that have been approved by the State visit

How long do you have to be separated before divorce in TX?

Another ground for divorce is living apart. This ground requires that the “spouses have lived apart without cohabitation for at least three years.”

How much are filing fees for divorce in Texas?

When you file for divorce in Texas, you will be required to pay a filing fee of between $250 to $300. If you cannot afford to pay the filing fee, you can complete an Affidavit of Inability of Pay.

What is the wife entitled to in a divorce in Texas?

In Texas, the courts presume that all property and income that either spouse obtained during the course of the marriage belongs equally to both spouses. This means that the state will equally divide the couple’s assets between them in the divorce process.

How do I file for divorce in Texas with no money?

Many of the free forms that are available online will include an affidavit of indigency. With these forms and the affidavit of indigency, someone who does not have money can file their divorce for free.

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What is the cheapest way of getting a divorce?

By filing a no-fault, uncontested divorce with an agreement an attorney has reviewed—especially in a state with a short residency period—you can get a quick divorce. The benefits of a quick divorce are that it saves money on legal fees and it saves a lot of stress.

What is the process for an uncontested divorce in Texas?

How to File for an Uncontested Divorce Without an Attorney in…

  1. Meet Texas’s Residency Requirements. …
  2. Get a Petition of Divorce. …
  3. Sign and Submit the Petition. …
  4. Deliver a Petition Copy to Your Spouse. …
  5. Finalize Settlement Agreement. …
  6. Attend Divorce Hearing. …
  7. File the Final Decree with the Clerk.

What are the laws for divorce in Texas?

Texas law allows for “no-fault” divorces. However, if one spouse is at fault for the breakup of the marriage, the court may take that into consideration in determining what is an equitable (fair) division of the couple’s property. For that reason, you may want to include fault grounds in your petition for divorce.

Where do I file for divorce in Tarrant County?

The records for unincorporated areas are all filed with the Tarrant County Clerk’s office at 200 Taylor Street, 3rd Floor, Ft. Worth, TX 76102.

How much is it to file for divorce in Harris County?

The fee is $267 for filing the petition, with an additional $3.00 for electronic service and $14.00 for certified service.

How do I efile a court document in Texas?

Electronic Filing

  1. When choosing to file a document online, litigants should first go to
  2. Currently only supports versions 8, 9, and 10 of Internet Explorer.
  3. If problems occur using a particular browser with, try downloading.
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What time does court start in Harris County?

Click here for the current location of the Criminal District Courts, Civil District Courts, Family District Courts, and Juvenile District Courts.

County Criminal Courts at Law.

Docket Times Courts
8:30 AM 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16
10:00 AM 2, 12, 13, 15
11:00 AM 6, 8, 10
After Divorce