Why did quad get divorced?

Earlier this year, Married to Medicine star Quad Webb-Lunceford decided to call in quits on her six-year marriage to Dr. Greg Lunceford, following the bombshell allegations about his hotel romp with another woman, by officially filing for divorce.

Why did quad and Greg divorce?

Webb-Lunceford filed to divorce her husband on May 1, 2018. In her filing, she accused Lunceford of “cruel treatment willfully inflicted” upon her, “such as reasonably justified apprehension” for her mental health, and adultery. Dr. G denied that claim in a filing of his own, which he made by the end of that month.

What happened between Quad and her husband?

The Married to Medicine cast member has finalized her divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford, The Daily Dish has confirmed. Quad first confirmed that she had filed for divorce from Dr. Gregory after six years of marriage during an interview with The Daily Dish in September 2018.

Did quad and Greg get back together?

Quad announced that she and Dr. Gregory had decided to separate in 2018. They later finalized their divorce in 2019. … Heavenly confirmed during an interview with The Daily Dish in September 2019 that her husband, Dr.

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What was Quads divorce settlement?

Gregory Lunceford finally being finalized. According to court records obtained by The Blast, Quad and Gregory informed the court they were able to reach a divorce settlement. The deal means they worked out their issues and will avoid a court trial. The court entered a final judgment and decree in the case on October 4.

Did quad get fired from married to medicine?

Quad Webb is no longer Married To Medicine — AllAboutTheTEA.com can confirm the reality diva has been fired from the Bravo reality series. … During an explosive Instagram LIVE session this week, Toya Bush-Harris spilled tea on the Atlanta medical reality show — along with costar, Dr.

Is Quad pregnant?

The quad screen is a routine prenatal screening test. The test poses no risk of miscarriage or other pregnancy complications. As with other prenatal screening tests, however, the quad screen can cause anxiety about the possible test results and what they might mean for your baby.

Who is fired from married to medicine?

Quad Webb fired off on her “Married to Medicine” castmate Dr. Heavenly Kimes after the 49-year-old dentist wrote two astonishing emojis underneath Quad’s sexy bikini photo.

Who Quad dating?

Quad went on to say that she has only interacted with Common, who is currently dating political strategist and commentator Angela Rye, as part of her career.

Did Cecil and Simone get divorced?

Simone & Cecil Whitmore Are Putting Their Divorce on Hold. … Simone Whitmore shocked her Married to Medicine fans and castmates in January with news that she and her husband Cecil Whitmore would be divorcing after 21 years of marriage.

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Did Damon cheat on heavenly?

Heavenly Kimes’ husband, Dr. Damon Kimes, had been unfaithful to her would finally be presented. Unfortunately, we still have yet to see those receipts. Though Mariah said she had the alleged evidence back in her dressing room with her husband, Dr.

What happened to Jill married to medicine?

Jill Connors, a star of Bravo’s reality series Married to Medicine, was arrested and charged with domestic violence battery and cruelty to children after hitting her husband on Aug. 13. Connors’ husband Dr. … The cruelty to children charge was due to the fact that the couple’s children witnessed the assault.

What is Quad real name?

Gregory Lunceford after six years of marriage on last season of Married to Med, Quad has decided to make another major change in her life. Quad has gone back to using the name she had before she married Dr. Gregory, Quad Webb, as you can see in her bio on Bravotv.com.

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